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Member Benefits

As a Keech Pond Lake Property Owner, your receive the benefits of having the Keech Pond

                            Property Association who uses the membership dues to:

  • Maintain the prominence of our beaches, roads, & the rest of our community

  • Upkeep and repairs of the damn

  • Pay taxes on the roads, beaches, & damn

  • Provide Insurance to cover roads, beaches, the damn, & every property owner

  • Receive representation at various board and permit hearings

  • Organize member only events & activities

  • Maintain the Keech Pond Association website

  • Send monthly e-newsletters to inform the community

In Keeping our membership high, we are able to keep our fees low and your support of the Keech                   Pond Property Owner's Association helps to keep our vibrant community flourishing.

If you have any questions, please call us at (401) 429-5227

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