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What's Nearby

                        Looking for activities to do or places to eat outside of your lake-view home?   

Explore the surrounding areas of our quaint state of Rhode Island and find out what they have to offer.

Town of Glocester:

The charming, rural town of Glocester has a number of villages within its town, including the village of Chepachet where our beautiful Keech Pond Community resides. The quaint little town gives the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and enjoy the peace, quiet and allure of a country atmosphere. 

Town of Burriville:

The town of Burriville was once a bustling town with the presence of the textile industry, however, once the textiles moved south, this little town still keeps its allure. This rural community offers breathtaking sites of New England nature along with historic landmarks that will excite any history


Town of North Smithfield

The town of North Smithfield is quiet little town that gives the charm of the stereotypical "Main Street USA" with the town being lined with a variety of small businesses with a few large chains nestled in. The town was once apart of Smithfield, until 1871 when it gained its independence and become its own separate town. North Smithfield offers visitors a charming blue-collar town that will make you feel like a member of the community.

City of Woonsocket

The city of Woonsocket provides visitors with a mixture of exciting city experiences with small town charm. Famous for being one of the country's largest textile industry area's, with much of the presence of the old mills decorating the city. Woonsocket has been featured in some well-known Hollywood films, such as playing the role of Washington in the "Purge 3"  and "Hachi: A Dog's Tale".  Take a drive through the city and see if you can recognize some scenes from some of Hollywood's film and TV shows.

Town of Smithfield

The little town of Smithfield has an quite an extensive history. Named after John Smith, who was one of the original members along with Roger Williams to create the first settlement in Rhode Island. The charismatic town gives visitors the chance to view pieces of history from the beginning of Rhode Island and the United States along side modern amenities looking to step back into the 21st century.

City of Providence

The capital of little Rhode Island has so much to offer, from the site seeing of the state capital to enjoying the tastes of Little Italy. If you're looking to get away from the quiet and tranquility of nature than the fast-paced city will offer you plenty of adventure. Whether day or night, Providence does not disappoint on food or entertainment. 

Town of Putnam

The historic town of Putnam, CT is actually close to our little town of Glocester. Similar to many of the towns in Rhode Island, Putnam was a mill town and was even the key contributor in supplying clothing and other goods to Civil War Soldiers. Enjoy aspects of both the new and old, that this quaint little town can offer.

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