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Keech Pond Rules & Regulations


  • All rules of the road for boating, both Federal and State Laws apply to all owners and operators.

  • All row boats, canoes, sail boats and power boats must have lights after dark.

  • Boats towing skiers and skiers must remain a reasonable distance from shore line, except when taking off or returning skier to shore.

  • No objects such as rafts, docks, floats, etc. shall be placed more than 50 ft from shore.

  • No boats are allowed inside marked swimming areas. Boats will have a small area near beaches to be used for back lot owners.

  • Boats being launched from the State ramp will have a limited number of horsepower, governed by regulation.

  • All boats are to operate in counterclockwise direction.

  • Operators of all watercraft must comply with the requirements for the type and use of lights when under way from sunset to sunrise.

  • All watercraft passing close to designated swimming areas, boats moored, or boats engaged in fishing or similar activities must reduce speed and give way to these people.

  • All watercraft shall be operated at reasonable speeds for given situations and shall be under the complete control of the operator at all times.

  • Operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.

  • No launching from beaches.


Water Skiing

  • Any powerboat driver under the age of sixteen (16) years shall be required to complete a boating safety course offered by the State before operating said power craft with greater than 10hp engine on the Pond.

  • Towing a water skier without having aboard, in addition to the operator, an observer at least 12 years of age to watch the progress of the skier is prohibited.

  • Water skiing between one half hour after sunset and one half hour before sunrise is prohibited.

  • It is recommended that all skiers must wear Coast Guard approved life jackets or belts.

  • Towing skiers in heavily traveled or restricted waters is prohibited.


Personal Watercraft

  • All persons on PWC must wear a Coast Guard approved flotation device.

  • Lanyard type engine cut-off switch must be attached to operator.

  • PWC may not be operated from one half hour after sunset and one half hour before sunrise.

  • No one may operate PWC at greater than headway speed within 200 ft of swimmers, divers, shore or moored vessels.

  • Anyone operating a PWC, regardless of age, must have passed an approved boater education course.



  • The Pond, Dam and all beaches are owned and controlled by the Property Owners Association. All beach areas have a 30 foot swimming parameter. All swimming is to take place within that parameter. There are no Life Guards on duty. All swimming is at the participant's own risk.

  • There will be no sleeping or camping overnight on beaches without special permission from the Board.

  • All beaches must be cleared of all activities by 10:00PM weekdays and 11:00 PM Saturdays and Holidays.

  • No automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, mini bikes or racing carts are allowed on the beaches at any time.

  • All rubbish is to be disposed of in proper receptacles or removed by the persons using the beach.

  • No person shall use profane language or in any manner annoy other persons or commit disorderly or indecent acts on Association property.

  • All lot owners must advise their visitors using these areas of all the rules and, in turn, will be responsible for their actions.

  • There will be no open fires on the beaches.



  • No unregistered motor vehicles are allowed on roads or property owned by the Association.

  • Damaged caused by any type vehicle on roads or property of the Association is the full responsibility of the owners of such vehicle, including motorcycles, mini bikes, ATV's, racing carts, or any other type of powered vehicle.

  • Speed limit on all Association roads shall not exceed the posted limit



  • Immediately after Columbus Day the Pond will be lowered. Weather permitting, the water level will be left down for at least 30 days to allow property owners sufficient time for repairs. Water will be allowed to rise and lower during the winter months as it best suits the purpose to kill weeds.

  • After the Spring thaw, the water level will be raised to its proper level

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