Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
... to all of you who have paid your assessment for last year. Unbeknownst to some, there are annual expenses that, as an Association, we must incur. A large part of our expenses are attributed to the dam. We must adhere to the DEM inspections and recommendations to maintain and preserve its condition as it has been rated as "High Hazard" -- God forbid, if it were to breach, the "flooding" would be catastrophic downstream to our neighbors along Smith & Sayles area.

Other uses of our resources included some road improvements in the Sunrise Terrace area a few years ago. Our willingness to work with Public Works folks has been helpful in getting some assistance from them, as well.

Therefore, to those of you who have paid and continue to pay your assessment... a sincere THANK YOU!

We have approached banks that have foreclosed on some of our neighbors and have collected from the banks. For those of you that have not paid, for whatever reasons, we urge you to contact us. We can and HAVE made arrangements for those that have had some difficulty paying. As with any organization, we need to count on all of you to contribute so that we can equitably distribute the costs to our 247 members.

At $85, just a little over 23 cents a day, we can continue to make Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond a desirable lakeside community in which to live. We can also maintain the community value so that your property values remain stable. Reminder notices will be sent to some who have not yet paid for this year and we ask that you reconsider.

I know several new neighbors who have moved into our community in the past year -- like Heather and Mary in the Evergreen area, Tom and Kerri in the Keach Pond area, Patrick and Valerie on Indian Trail, Joel on Lakeview Drive, Robert at Sunrise, Mary and Joseph on Lake View, Paul on Rocky Road, Joseph and Barbara on Lakeview. Judith on Cherry Valley, and Leo on Lakeview. These folks saw the area and found it desirable to move to ... WELCOME!

We have our General Members' Meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 from 6:30om to 8:30pm at the Glocester Senior Center, Putnam Pike in Chepachet. Come meet our neighbors and members of the Board of Directors who donate their time during the year to discuss how we can improve our beaches and area. Hope to see you there!

Finally, we are always trying to find ways to amortize our assessment costs, so we have approached some companies to offer discounts to Keech Pond members in good standing. These companies would include a termite/carpenter ant treatment company, a septic pump out company, and housekeeping services for those of you that need someone to clean the house when you first open it for the summer.

If you know of a company or service that would be interested in getting free advertising to 247 households on our website and offer a discount, please let us know at theMembers Meeting on May 13th or send us an email. This is one way your $85 assessment can be reduced if you were to save $10 or more by using some of our sponsors.

Have a safe and fun summer, obey all rules and regulations for watercraft, and please be respectful of others on the lake.

Respectfully Yours,
Board Members
The Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond, Inc.
April 2015

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The mission of The Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond, Inc., founded in 1971, is to:

  • Maintain, protect and preserve our precious natural resources Keech Pond and Keech Dam.
  • Monitor and maintain fiscally sound policies to ensure strong and healthy financial resources.
  • Promote safety and neighborly co-existence, and demonstrate pride of ownership in order to maximize property values.

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Keech Pond Sunset

Members in good standing of The Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond, Inc. are invited to submit photos of the Keech Pond area.

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