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Well, it's that time again when we have to pull our toys out of the water, including docks. To you new waterfront buyers, you cannot imagine the force of floating ice and the damage it can cause to your dock. If you don't take precautions now, those melting ice floes will play havoc with anything remaining in the water. Case in point... two years ago my neighbor had 55 gallon drums filled with cement, with large pipes that you would use on chain link fences; some of the ice floes bent and twisted those pipes like they were paper straws!

Also, we are beginning the water level "drawdown" on the 19th of this month. Again, to you new members, do not be alarmed when you are able to walk from your shoreline to 20-25 feet out. NO WORRIES! We did not spring a leak! This "drawdown" exposes vegetation to the frost, thereby killing it before it gets out of hand next year, and preventing the "clogging" of our lake. This is the holistic, organic, natural, and environmentally safe way to reduce any vegetation that continually grows along the shoreline in shallow waters (where the sun tends to make the vegetation grow).

Have a safe and warm fall and winter season. We look forward to seeing you around the lake or at the next General Membership meeting to be held next May.

One last note: we always love getting new members on our Board so we can have fresh ideas. If you would like to learn more, wonder how much time we ask of our Board members, or have some comments, please feel free to drop us a line or speak with a Board member in your neighborhood.

Warm Regards,
Board Members
The Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond, Inc.
October 2015

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The mission of The Property Owners' Association of Keech Pond, Inc., founded in 1971, is to:

  • Maintain, protect and preserve our precious natural resources Keech Pond and Keech Dam.
  • Monitor and maintain fiscally sound policies to ensure strong and healthy financial resources.
  • Promote safety and neighborly co-existence, and demonstrate pride of ownership in order to maximize property values.

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